Sample Questions

Advanced Yoga Certification Sample Exam Questions
Ques: Which of the following denotes samsara?

a)  Practice
b)  Possessions
c)  Destiny
d)  Memory

Ques: An imbalance in the spleen and stomach meridians manifests as _______.

a)  anger
b)  sorrow
c)  hatred
d)  anxiety
e)  fear

Ques: Which kosha describes the unification of reality?

a)  Anandamaya
b)  Manomaya
c)  Annamaya
d)  Vijnanamaya
e)  Pranamaya

Ques: Hara meditation focuses on:

a)  the belly.
b)  steady and controlled breathing.
c)  building the fire.
d)  controlling the fire.
e)  all of the above.
f)  none of the above.

Ques: "Samavritti" means:

a)  calming the fluctuations of the mind.
b)  going surfing on a wave.
c)  fight or flight mode.
d)  homeostasis.