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About The Online Administrative Assistant Certification

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Administrative Assistant Certification ProgramThe Final Certification TestIntroductionJob Responsibilities of Administrative AssistantsEssential Traits for Administrative AssistantsInternational Association for Administrative ProfessionalsChapter Review Questions
Introduction to Office Administration (Office Management)Office as an Eco-systemTypes of Business OrganizationsOverview of Management and Operational FunctionsOverview of Management and Operational Functions Contd...Overview of Management and Operational Functions Contd...Office TerminologyChapter Review Questions
Flow of InformationInformation ManagementInformation Management Contd...Records ManagementIntroduction to ReprographicsChapter Review Questions
Data Management ToolsPeripheral Devices (Technology use in the workplace Contd...)Computer Operating Systems & Basic FunctionsComputer Operating Systems & Basic Functions Contd...Text Editors and Word ProcessorsText Editors and Word Processors Contd...Formatting DocumentsFormatting Documents Contd...Formatting Documents Contd...Formatting Documents Contd...SpreadsheetsSpreadsheets Contd...Using the InternetUsing the Internet Contd...Computer SecurityChapter Review Questions
Introduction and Need for PlanningProcess and Types of PlanningPlanning TimePlanning Time...ContinuedTime Estimation ProceduresPlanning the Project & Task DelegationChapter Review Questions
Need and Benefits of OrganizingTime ManagementTime Management Contd...Time Management Contd...Time Management Contd...Time Management ToolsCrisis ManagementOffice Etiquettes, Attire, DecorumPolicies and ProceduresPolicies and Procedures Contd...Policies and Procedures Contd...Chapter Review Questions
Importance of Effective Communication SkillsPrinciples of Grammar and PunctuationPrinciples of Grammar and Punctuation Contd...Principles of Grammar and Punctuation Contd...Technicalities of ProofreadingChapter Review Questions
Effective Management of Business DocumentsNeed, Purpose, and Advantages of Business WritingEmails and Email EtiquetteEmails and Email Etiquette Contd...LettersLetters Contd... (Formatting)Letters Contd... (Language)Letters Contd... (Business letters 101)Letters Contd... (Complaint Letter)Letters Contd... (Fundraising Letter)Letters Contd... (Sales letters)Letters Contd... (Confirming Details Letter)Business Writing Dos and Don'tsBusiness Writing Dos and Don'ts Contd...Basic Rules of Business WritingBasic Rules of Business Writing Contd...Chapter Review Questions
Organization of Office ActivitiesCo-ordination and Scheduling of MeetingsRequirements for ConferencesOrganizing Video MeetingsChapter Review Questions
Overview of Interpersonal CommunicationDimensions of Interpersonal CommunicationCommunication ProblemsListening and InterpretationHandling CriticismChapter Review Questions
Virtual Assistant IntroductionCreating a Business PlanEquipment RequiredOnline Tools for VAChapter Review Questions
Tips to Improve your ResumeEffective Ways to Find a JobReview of Job DutiesChapter Review Questions