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About SEO Certification

The ExpertRating SEO Certification course is a well-researched online course that has been developed for people who would like to master the tools and techniques of search engine optimization. This course, which will lead to a recognized SEO certification, has been designed in a way that even beginners or people new to SEO can understand it with as much ease as seasoned professionals. This course covers a wide range of tools and techniques that are employed by SEO professionals to attract valuable traffic to a website and has been developed keeping in mind the requirements of major search engines.


About the AuthorThe Final Certification Test
IntroductionThe SEO SpecialistThe SEO StrategistThe SEO AnalystThe SEO ManagerSEO DirectorSEO and Growth OppurtunitiesThe SEO As An Agent of ChangeThe SEO"s CreedSelf Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
IntroductionThe "SEO is Cheap/ Free" MythThe "All Traffic is Good" MythThe "SEO is Simple" MythThe "SEO is Too Complex" MythThe "On-Page SEO is Enough" MythThe "SEO Favors Newbies" MythThe "Search Engine Are Public Utilities" MythThe "SEO is International" MythThe Social Media MythSelf Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
The World Wide WebThe Key Engines in Key Search MarketsSpiders and CrawlersThe Mobile RevolutionImplications of the CloudSSL SessionsEvolving Technological FactorsWearablesBeaconsAugmented RealityArtificial IntelligencePenaltiesSelf Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
IntroductionEvolving Search Behavior TrendsEvolving Search Behavior Trends ContinuedChanging vs. Persistent Search IntentsDevices and Search EvolutionsConclusionSelf- Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
IntroductionThe Semantic Web ModelImage SearchVoice-Enabled SearchBeacon ApplicationsGPS ApplicationsConclusionSelf Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
IntroductionWhy It MattersThe BasicsKeyword Research PhasesPopular ToolsGoogle Keyword PlannerGoogle Keyword Planner ContinuedStrategic Keyword ApproachesStrategic Keyword Approaches ContinuedSelf Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
IntroductionSEO Begins Before Site CreationSEO Naming Strategies vs. Branding ImperativesThe Site Planning StageThe Build-OutOvercoming Existing Design FlawsPros and Cons of Redesign (for SEO Reasons)ConclusionSelf Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
IntroductionBuild SEO Foundations into the WebsiteBuild SEO Foundations into the Website ContinuedPlan Engagement into Content StrategyProactive Engagement PlanningResponsive Design for SEOSite NavigationSite Navigation ContinuedWP Themes and PluginsKeyword TaggingDynamic SEOSitemapsStructured Data and Schema MarkupStructured Data and Schema Markup ContinuedAvoid “Outlaw SEO”PenaltiesRead SEO Blogs DailyConclusionSelf Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
IntroductionSEO “Science” Vs. SEO InstinctDomain AuthorityRanking FactorsRanking Factors ContinuedRanking Factors ContinuedLeading Inbound Strategy DevelopmentLead Your Org’s Authority-Building & Inbound CultureBacklink Checker ToolsSelf Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
IntroductionSEO Review ChecklistTechnical SEO ReviewContent and UX ReviewEngagement ReviewSocial and Trends ReviewRegional ReviewSelf Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
IntroductionBecoming a Metrics-Centric SEOMetricsAutomate ReportingStandard SEO KPIsAbout SERP Ranking ToolsThe Reporting ProcessPresenting as an SEOSelf Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
IntroductionThe CRM ConceptWays SEO Can Actively Boost CRM EffortsSEO’s Usefulness as CRM InputCRM’s Insights for SEOCRM-SEO Communication LogisticsRemember Your True RoleSelf Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
IntroductionSEO Job/Title HierarchyGrow Your SkillsBuild ExperienceFind Your SEO JobDemonstrate LeadershipEmbrace Career EvolutionSummarySelf Study Descriptive QuestionsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions

About the Author

Mark Brimm is the owner, lead consultant and Principal at Interface Communications Group (123INTERFACE.com) and the author of The SEO Instinct and AdWords University. Mark began doing Search Engine Optimization when Yahoo—the first search engine on the World Wide Web—was born and grew with the arrival and innovations of Google and the mobile web. He has consulted and written for major marketing companies and digital agencies. Over the years, Mark has accumulated extensive and substantial knowledge about how businesses can benefit through SEO; and he shares this knowledge through the medium of this course.

About The Online SEO Certification

SEO Certificate

You can buy this SEO Certification courseware (leading to SEO Certification) at a special offer price of only $69.99 that includes the in-depth SEO Certification courseware and the exam fee. This is the "best value-for-money" SEO program available till date.

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  • An online transcript that mentions your score and which you can use to prove your certified credentials on the Internet at any time.

In case you fail the final exam, you can re-attempt the exam for $10.

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SEO Certification -- FOR JUST $69.99

Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) can come in different ranks, depending upon the complexity of the organization employing them. The potential job titles are in fact many; let’s look below at the most typical SEO job titles encountered in today’s job market and what they typically earn.

  1. The SEO Specialist: As of 2017, the average salary is $42,862/yr. in the United States, while the overall range is $31,137 - $64, 327 (Source: payscale.com). It can vary widely from this average, depending upon the country and company.

  2. The SEO Strategist: US-based SEO Strategist’s average $59,812/yr. currently, though salaries range from $35,446 - $82,170 annually (Source: Glassdoor.com). Since a Strategist is usually only employed by those who know the difference between an SEO Specialist and an SEO Strategist, the pay may vary by company culture.

  3. The SEO Manager: SEO Managers currently make an average salary of $61,933/yr. in the US, and salaries range from $43,531 to $91,420, depending on location and industry (Source: payscale.com).

  4. The SEO Analyst: The SEO Analyst fetches an average of $46,466/yr. in the US currently, and ranges between $33,532 and $65,241 a year. Since they are normally part of a larger SEO team, they are most often found in agencies or in larger Fortune 500 companies that sell products or services online.

  5. The SEO Director: The US median annual salary currently stands at $90,012/yr., while the range is between $55,787 and $141,922 (Source: payscale.com).

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