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Why choose ExpertRating for Employment Testing

Our track record speaks for itself:
ExpertRating has delivered over 500,000 assessments to over 200,000 individuals since year 2000. Leading corporations, including several Fortune 500 companies such as Ericsson, IKEA, Fox News Channel, UPS, Elance and many more regularly rely on ExpertRating for pre-screening their talent pools. With a re-order rate of over 80% and re-order value of over 130% from our existing client base of employers, ExpertRating has established itself as a proven provider of reliable, high quality testing services.

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Large assortment of assessments developed under ISO 9001-2008 guidelines:
ExpertRating offers over 300 different skills assessments prepared by experienced domain experts under stringent ISO 9001-2008 quality norms. Our large variety of tests from a diverse skills range have helped hundreds of leading employers fulfill their employee testing needs efficiently and effortlessly. The complete list of tests for employers is available here.

Fast and reliable:
ExpertRating offers a time-tested and reliable testing engine that has continually evolved and been fine tuned since year 2000, delivering over 500,000 assessments with perfect accuracy. The employment testing interface has been designed for ease of test administration and reporting. Test results are compiled on-the-fly and reports from multiple tests are available to employers instantaneously. Employers have the ability to conduct multiple tests for unlimited candidates, thus making mass recruitment possible for large corporations. The average time for setting up a new employer account is just 2 minutes, and for commencing a testing program it is 10 minutes. How employment testing works.

Multiple options and flexibility of use:
The ExpertRating employee testing system offers a pay-as-you-go model which enables companies to test any number of employees through a simple interface. Some of the features that set ExpertRating's employment testing system apart from the competition are:

  • Simple signup. Testing can commence within minutes of signing up.
  • Ease of use. Single window for candidate book-up and viewing test results.
  • Test reports available online as well as through email.
  • Self explanatory employee testing system. No assistance required from ExpertRating for conducting tests.
  • Discounts for orders above $100. View Discount table.
  • Ability to customize existing tests, and offer custom tests developed by the employer.

  • Remotely proctored testing:
    With its LiveProctor feature, ExpertRating is the only skills testing provider in the world to offer remotely proctored testing. LiveProctor is a browser based software that is automatically downloaded to the user's computer and captures essential data about the testing session to eliminate the possibility of cheating during the test. The system has proven to be an instant success with employers who are concerned about cheating in online tests, and has changed the way employers rely on remotely conducted tests. LiveProctor based testing is available to all employers who sign up for an ExpertRating employer account. To know more about LiveProctor and how it works, please visit the LiveProctor information page.
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