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Do you need to hire top notch programming talent? ExpertRating CodeAssess is a totally new way of assessing programming capabilities by verifying hands-on skills. It is a well known fact that the only way to truly test programmers is to see how effectively they program. This is exactly what the ExpertRating CodeAssess tests do, they help employers identify programming talent by seeing how people work on-the-job. While multiple option based tests have been found to be very effective for most skills, they fall short in determining real-life working abilities of programmers. CodeAssess has proven itself as the only real automated form of testing that is able to assess multiple parameters that influence programmer efficiency at the work place.

How each 50 minute CodeAssess test works – During the course of the 50 minute tests, programmers are required to solve short coding problems based on real-life coding scenarios. The code written by the programmer is compiled and the results are compared against the results of ideal code for the same problem. Programmers are scored out of 100 based on various aspects of the code they submit to each problem such as correctness, time taken to arrive at the solution, bytes of code and optimal use of system resources (memory usage).

What is the format of the test – The CodeAssess tests consist of 10 short coding problems to be solved in around 1 hour. The test is scored automatically based on several aspects of the inputted code. The coding problems have been set based on skills required to solve common problems encountered during the course of working on a software project. There is no special software required to run this test, all that’s needed is a web browser.

How is the test scored – The test is scored out of 100, the allocation of marks towards different aspects of the solution are:

For supplying the correct answer (this is the most important aspect of all) 60%
For supplying the correct answer in the recommended time period 20%
For supplying concise code 10%
For solving the problem using fewer system resources 10%

How are the results reported – Employers are supplied with the overall score of the test taker out of a maximum possible score of 100 along with the GPA score out of 4. Employers can also see how the test taker performed on each problem along with the actual code that was written by the programmer. Click here to see a sample test score report.

Available Tests – We are constantly adding new tests to the CodeAssess testing platform. We currently offer the following tests:

 C# 2.0 (.Net)  Java
 PERL  Python
 C  C++
 Pascal  Haskell
 Fortran  RUBY
 Prolog  Smalltalk
 Pike  Nemerle

Why CodeAssess – Benchmarking programming talent– If you are serious about hiring programmers who will hit the ground running, your best bet is to see how they perform hands-on. To illustrate this point further, below is an example problem (Fizz Buzz) from the CodeAssess Test library available in all 25+ supported languages. While this problem may seem simple to look at, only 1 in 25 job seeking programmers are actually able to solve it. This clearly explains why only face to face interviews, telephonic interviews and multiple option based tests are not as effective.

The famous Fizz Buzz problem:

Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print "Fizz" instead of the number and for the multiples of five print "Buzz". For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print "FizzBuzz".

The above problem can be solved in numerous ways, here are just a few of them, however CodeAssess will not only tell you if the test taker was able to solve it, but whether it was solved within the average time of 4 minutes, which is what most programmers take.

Take a Demo

You can try the Fizz Buzz problem live on the CodeAssess testing engine right here.

Solutions to the Fizz Buzz problem

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